Sunday, September 11, 2016

California Myotis Bat (Myotis californicus)

This tiny and actually very cute (as far as bats go) native vesper bat flew into our master bedroom through the open sliding doors of the balcony at around 12:45am. I was brushing my teeth just before turning in and saw this thing fluttering around and thought it was a giant moth until it landed on the curtains. OMG! I scrambled downstairs to get the camera and our iPhones and Gil and I started snapping away but, since it was pretty dark, most of the shots didn't turn out very well. Shortly thereafter, using a bucket and a piece of cardboard, I gently coaxed it off of the curtains into the bucket and released it back to the outdoors. Of course, over the next few days, Gil kept asking me in a rather smirky fashion if I had any unusual aversion to water. Yeah, right, Gil - I know our pooches are vaccinated for rabies, but I'm not. Rabies notwithstanding, it was an awesome experience!


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