Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Desert/Audubon's Cottontail Rabbit

Bunnies abound here in La Cresta, notwithstanding the fact that they are happy freeloaders on the virtual birdseed smorgasbord that occurs daily under the various bird feeders dispersed throughout the grounds. Really super cute and adorable, so long as they don't mow down any of my plants!!! Cuz if and when they do, I just want Gil to get out that AR15 or whatever, and...oops, um, didn't mean that at all, just kidding, hehe. Btw, since the "Hana Incident" in 2010, all has been Zen, kosher, peace out, and Kumbaya between our new pups and our bunny residents. 

3/27/11 Audubon's Cottontail Rabbits (Sylvilagus auduboni) on the rocks next to our neighbor's fenceline. 

3/14/10  Clearly, that lame-assed so-called "chicken" wire wasn't gonna stop this bad-assed leporid from breaking and entering. Just sayin'

 3/30/12 This is baby "Maybelline," checking out the Spanish lavender blooms in the back patio.

5/10/11 Gil holding this little baby, one of two out of a litter of 10 that survived Hana's wrath (stupid mom rabbit decided to nest and give birth to her brood in the dog run - what was she thinking??!!! or NOT...

5/10/11 The two remaining babies. We kept Hana out of the dog run for a couple days after "the incident" and they managed to leave the nest of their own accord a couple days later. 

4/22/07 Bunny and Squirrel, waiting for some good eats under one of the bird feeders. 

6/5/16 One laid back bunny.


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