Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Northern Mockingbird

A noisier and less melodic (at least IMHO) version of its also resident cousin, the California Thrasher, the Northern Mockingbird is a common denizen of urban areas, woodlands, and farms. Per the Kaufman Focus Guide, "Often seen running on lawns, stopping to spread its wings abruptly. Eats mostly insects in summer, also many berries in winter. May sing all night on moonlit nights...Repeats a short phrase over and over, then switches to a different phrase, on and on, often including imitations of birds or other sounds. Sometimes leaps into the air and flutters back down while singing." Well, even though I really do love these guys, all that so-called singing could drive you batty and ape shit after a couple of nonstop hours. Just sayin. Thank God for double-paned windows.

1/26/15 Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottes), ruffling its feathers after bathing on the waterfall ledge of the pond.  

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