Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Western Kingbird

This "tyrant" flycatcher is common in our neck of the woods during the summer months. They like to perch on fences, poles, and the occasional tree branch. 

Description from the Kaufman Focus Guide, "Yellow belly, gray chest and head (with darker mask). Notice black tail with narrow white outer edges...Voice a sharp kep, also a staccato sputtering or "bickering," rising and falling in pitch." 

FAMILY: Tyrannidae (Kingbirds are noted for their aggressive and bold behavior and won't hesitate to chase away larger birds from their nesting site).

2/5/07 Western Kingbird (Tyrannus verticalis) perched on a post near the Engelmann Oak above the orchard.

2/5/07 Same guy perched on the Engelmann Oak.

7/28/08 A pair of Western Kingbirds on a Flaxleaf Paperbark trees (Melaleuca linarifolia) next to the pond.

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