Tuesday, July 22, 2014

California King Snake

This non-venomous species is known for being a predator of other reptiles, most notably, rattlers.  What's up with that? But then, I'm not going to complain cuz it's all about the food chain, survival of the fittest, etc., etc. I've only seen King snakes a sparse couple times here on the property, once in the compost pile, and second time on the back patio under the Spanish Lavenders. I'm sure they're regulars here, just elusive. 

6/29/08 California King Snake (Lampropeltis getula californiae). 

Wish I could have gotten a shot of the whole snake, but tail end is better than nothing. This guy was in the compost pile in the upper orchard. California King Snakes come in two patterns: banded or striped (black and yellow), and this one was clearly banded. 

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